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01 April, 2019 (GMT)

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myGeNomeCoin(GNC) Generation

We initiate GNC to promote the use of genome data for society by creating a genome-based shared economy platform. The shared economy ecosystem will help secure vast amounts of genome data, which will be utilized to accelerate advances in medical and science technologies and industrial development.


Blockchain is most vulnerable in the areas where it intersects with the real-world, creating the ‘first-mile issue’. Genome information can make blockchain records capable of verifying both the authenticity and the truth of data.

myGeNome Colored Coin

Colored coin is a commemorative coin encoded with genome data of agricultural or fisheries products and can be distributed along the global supply chain. Eliminating the trust issue associated with the production and distribution of agricultural products, by leveraging immutability of blockchain, will create a new industry combining distribution and finance.

Public Interest of
"Precision Medicine"

The key purpose of GNC generation is to accelerate "Precision Medicine". GNC will only be used to provide “Free Genetic Sequencing” and incentives for those that partake in the further medical development.

GNC is free from regulations
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The purpose of GNC generation is to create “DNA based open sharing ecosystem” which allows anyone to manage or improve their lifestyle using their own genome data. Individuals will be rewarded every time their genome data is used and be assured that their genome data will not be abused or accessed without their consent. Once meaningful amounts of genome data are collected, various sectors can come together to create a genome-based ecosystem. The ecosystem will attract both consumers offering their genome data and organizations from food, cosmetics, insurance, pharmaceuticals, medicine, research, and other areas.

Introduction | 마이지놈박스

All technical supports related to genome are provided by our partner Mygenomebox.
MyGenomeBox (The world’s first DNA based open sharing platform) was established in 2015, with spirit of challenge in response to changes in the current genome market and the potentiality for innovation and expansion of business to build a new genome based ecosystem that has not existed before.

O.P.P.A. Token

Another useful application of coin coloring occurs when you encode multiple tokens with identical metadata. Issuing a limited number of tokens in this manner, containing a famous star’s genome information the “O.P.P.A. Token”, would allow its use in marketing activities while preventing any potential controversies over copyright as such tokens cannot be created without active consent from the star and/or their management agency. Fans may want to own a token containing the genome of their favorite stars. They can then personalize the avatar, even though the token is loaded with the same base information. As O.P.P.A. tokens are issued in limited numbers, scarcity makes them collectible, pushing up the value.

Global Identification

“UN Initiatives, ID22” is to create valid IDs for 1.1 billion people around the world who do not have any government issued record of their birth status.

with myGeNome colored coin, the amount of balance in one’s stock, bond or bank accounts can be attached to a certain amount of bitcoin and transferred to someone else. Unlike bitcoin, that has no intrinsic value, colored coin is a method for representing and tokenizing real-world assets. In addition to proving ownership of real-world assets such as real estate deeds or car keys, colored coin can also represent and verify college diplomas, transcripts or personal identification records. The United Nations acknowledged that blockchain is the only viable method available for authenticating personal identification papers presented by refugees.

Trust | GenomeCoin

Blockchain is most vulnerable in the areas where it intersects with the real-world, creating the ‘first-mile issue’. How can real-world data be verified as correct before it is uploaded to a blockchain? As far as organisms are concerned, there is a solution. Genome information can make blockchain records capable of verifying both the authenticity and the truth of data. DNA testing is the best way to discern whether a tuna is real tuna or a calf is of a special variety.

Genetic information makes it possible to trust the agricultural or fisheries product while not necessarily trusting the farmer or the fisherman. Selected genetic information that distinguishes types of agricultural or fisheries products are encoded along with the producer’s information into a token on the blockchain network.

Using genetic data to promote social goals and a shared economy platform

GNC will serve as a catalyst for the genetic data ecosystem. But no matter how high the unit utility (benefit) to unit cost ratio becomes, the current genome sequencing market cannot reach equilibrium.

The market could reach equilibrium if genetic data owners are incentivized to share their information. This concept underlies the “sell your DNA” market approach. If economic incentives are not enough to motivate owners, then the call to action where users share in service of humanity and financial gain as provided by GNC may act as the catalyst needed for private subsidy of the public good from shared genome data.

Look beyond the coin price

MyGenomeBox has always focused on creating genetic information based management with all different industries to structure new industrial ecosystem. GNC generation is one of those activities to maximize the value of market participation and ensure transparent sovereignty of individual’s genetic information.

GNC are only used as an incentive for those that provide genomes for the public interest. Therefore, a connection for ecosystem is established where a virtuous profit is made between individuals and the public interest.

Our Team | myGenomeCoin

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The Designer of GNC Ecosystem Architecture

Tae Min Oh

Tae Min Oh is an expert in the fields of bitcoin. He published Bitcoin Has Been Strong in 2014 and Smart Contracts: The Trust Revolution in 2017. He believes that the combination of genome and blockchain would expand the global supply chain finance. He is the head of MyGenomeBox’s Blockchain Management Research Institute and vice-president of MyGenomeBox.

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GNC Developer

Jang Hong Choi

Jang Hong Choi is responsible for the development and management of Genome Coin. He has lots of experience in software development and he is making a significant contribution in stabilizing GNC ecosystem. He developed DMB system for Korea Broadcast System, LG Smartshare, UC messenger and video conference system.

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Blockchain Specialist

Soheil Sk

Soheil, co-founder of 3 subsidiaries of The Blockchain Group, oversees the ecosystem’s operations and structuring of the company’s technical asset projects. As a blockchain advisor, Soheil employs his expertise and experience to work directly with businesses of all sector around the world.

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Healthtech Specialist

Mack Fitt Pijewski

Mack Fitt Pijewski is currently working as a Business Development for Prenetics, the leading genetic testing healthtech company in Southeast Asia. As a Business entrepreneur, Mack has honed his skills in Business and Fitness LifeStyle through years of varied training in commercial enterprise and athletic arena.

Our Team | myGenomeBox

Our team is all about quality, craft and disciplined experimentation.
We are active contributors to create new eco-system for everyone pursue better lifestyle.

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CTO of MyGenomeBox

Seok Chul Baek

Dr. Seok-Cheol Baek is a Big Data expert. After earning his doctorate degree from KAIST, he has worked at multiple companies such as Linux Security, NIBD, and KT. He is now the Chief Technology Officer of MyGenomeBox®.

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CEO of MyGenomeBox

Young Tae Park

Young Tae (YT) Park, the CEO of MyGenomeBox, has an international background and education with service business operations as well as in fundamental design business in an abroad organization. YT is bringing positive difference to MyGenomeBox by operating effectively with various partners in a fully globalized environment.

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CEO of Diagnomics

Dr. Min Seob Lee

Dr. Min Seob Lee, a global leader in genome research, diagnostic medicine and customized medicine, has a long history of research in the life sciences industry, including biotech companies and diagnostic medical companies. In particular, he is recognized for his expertise in the fields of genomics, pharmacogenomics, bioinformatics, and diagnostic development.

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Shang Cheol Shin

Mr. Shang Cheol Shin is the co-CEO of the EDGC. After graduating from Yonsei University, he joined Samsung Securities and has been involved with the wide range of business. Mr. Shin’s working experience in investment banking involves interaction with hundreds of companies, and he focused on IPO, M&A, privatization of the public corporation, and capital raises. He has an excellent understanding for various issues and solutions for corporations at various stages of their corporate life cycle.

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Top authority of Human Genome Project

Dr. Charles Cantor

Dr. Charles Cantor is co-founder, and Chief Scientific Officer at SEQUENOM, Inc., the leading provider of noninvasive parental testing. In the past decade, Charles has focused his attention on developing rational and cost-effective approaches to preventive and personalized medicine. He held academic and leadership positions at Columbia and several other distinguished American universities.

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Founder of Sanctuary

Dr. Geordie Rose

Dr. Geordie Rose founded D-Wave, the world’s first quantum computing company, and Kindred, the world’s first robotics company to use reinforcement learning in a production environment. He cooperated with Google, NASA, Lockheed Martin, and several US government agencies. Currently, he is trying to solve the AGI problem at Sanctuary, the leading company in the AI sector.

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President of Diagnomics

Dr. Stefan Gruenwald

Dr. Stefan Gruenwald the President of Diagnomics. His career in life science spans more than two decades and he holds three patents, based on technologies developed at PharMingen. He is also an initiator of popular Science Newsletter with over 300,000 reads. He has broad scientific knowledge in many disciplines, including Biotechnology and Nanotechnology.

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Associate Professor at City of Hope

Dr. Carlotta Glackin

Dr. Carlotta Glackin is an Associate Professor and member of the Women’s Cancers and Molecular Cellular Biology of Cancer (MCBC) Programs at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center (COHCCC). Her research has focused primarily on the functional role of elevated TWIST expression in cancer cells.

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Co-founder of Diagnomics

Dan Scholefield

Mr. Dan Scholefield is a co-founder of Diagnomics and is currently taking on the role as CFO and Chairman of the Board. He serves as a trustee, managing several private family office operations with a tenure that spans over 20 years. He is also a principal at Three Layer Capital. He brings an experience level and successful investment track record that includes leading due diligence efforts, closing deals and managing investment ventures in various technologies.

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Co-Founder of Genomics Personalized Health

Michael O’Reilly

Michael O’Reilly’s Genomics Personalized Health (GPH) facilitates access to the world’s most advanced Whole Genome Sequencing service performed at CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratories located within the United States. GPH empowers individuals with their genomic data as the baseline for preventative wellness and lifestyle applications informed by science.

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